MCA Sepang Division Chairman Ng Chok Sin: Pakatan always wants to take over Putrajaya, but can they manage the economy and administer the country well at the first place?

The Economic Transformation Programme as introduced by Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib bin Tun Razak with the aims of restructuring our economy with the entry of nine projects underway should receive universal support. It shows the transformation of our economy which we can look forward to.

I wish to stress that in Budget 2010, the ETP would see large-scale projects involving huge capital. However, the rakyat need not worry or feel insecure because with the inflow of funds into the country, the people and the government will benefit.

Pakatan Rakyat leaders should be criticised for merely quoting superficial large numbers to instigate the rakyat to turn against BN. This is mere lip service promising unachievable hope. But BN has proven that it has a successful formula in delivering the people’s hope, rather than just verbal niceties.

Pakatan Rakyat wants to take over Putrajaya, but do they have the ability to manage the economy well, stabilise the country for the advancement of Malaysia in the first place?

Ng Chok Sin
MCA Sepang Division Chairman
MCA Selangor Deputy Organising Secretary

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