“Christian Publication” Stamp on Malay Bibles Appropriate

(Kuala Lumpur, 29th March) MCA Publicity Bureau Deputy Chairman Loh Seng Kok believes that replacing the words “Christian Publication” instead of the words “For Christianity Only” on Malay Language Bibles can resolve the recent Malay Language Bible controversy.

“It is more appropriate to use the words “Christian publication” as Malaysia is in principle a democratic multi religious multi cultural country. As such, the Government should not set any form of reading restriction on legitimate religious books.”

He stressed that as the Federal Constitution and Rukunegara ensure the freedom of religion, restrictions on legitimate religious books are deemed violation to the Federal Constitution and Rukunegara.

Five-member Religious Council refered to statements issued by The Christian Federation of Malaysia’s (CFM) on 10th and 17th March where the Malaysian Christian community were extremely disappointed with the withholding of Malay Bibles, including the withholding of 35, 000 copies at Port Klang and Kuching Port in March 2009. Loh expressed his concerns over this matter..

According to Five-member Religious Council, although the Malay Bible’s issue has been made known to the Prime Minister on several occassions, CFM was informed in December 2009 that the 5000 copies in Port Klang were not released eventhough theywere supposed to. When Prime Minister was informed about the matter during last Christmas, he also expressed his surprise that the Malay Bibles were still being held by the authorities.

“The relevant authorities should ensure the full implementation of government directives to prevent inconsistency between decision and implementation. Failing which, it would affect public perception towards the government causing unnecessary controversy.”

“The Government must take immediate action as soon as possible to prevent the situation from worsening.”

While the Government announced the release of the Malay Bibles, KDN (Home Ministry) listed two conditions and high-handedness betray the spirit of goodwill aimed at releasing the sacred texts.

“The ministry must remove the two degrading conditions immediately and apologise to Christians and all Malaysians for such seditious actions, that’s each copy should carry a serial number and should be stamped “For Christians Only”.

卢诚国: 马来版圣经印上“基督教出版物”已足够‏

(吉隆坡29日讯)马华宣传局副主任卢诚国认同,在马来版圣经印上“基督教出版物”(Christian Publication)的字眼,来取代备受争议的“只供基督教”(For Christianity)盖章,可以解决马来版圣经被扣的争议。









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