Lee Ban Seng: Malaysia should learn with China on the construction of middle-low-cost housing

(Kuala Lumpur, 25th March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Deputy Treasurer Lee Ban Seng urged the Government to learn with China’s experience to systematic constructed middle and low costing houses under the coordination with private housing developers, in order to shorten the gap of social wealth realistically.

At the conference of National Security Coordination Group Housing Projects, China Vice Premier Li Ke Qiang stressed the need to conscientiously implemented the large-scale development of the indemnificatory housing projects, put their effort to increase investment and improve the mechanism, also ensure the equitable distribution of quality and quantity to start the construction with 10 million sets of tasks this year, working to improve public housing conditions.

He agreed with Li’s statement – The fair distribution of indemnificatory housing is a large-scale implementation of the project “lifeline”. It is an important measure to control housing prices and improve people to promote harmony, expand domestic demand to the way of great significance, and also adjust the structure of income distribution.

“By definition, the protection of housing project is the measure provided by China Government to help the families with middle and low income. Under this measure, China Government provided the low-cost housing, affordable housing and policy-regulated rental housing with limited standards, prices and rental.”

Li’s believes that the Government’s goal is to achieve “Home Ownership Scheme” – Many people worked hard in their whole life to purchase a comfortable house. Therefore, the Government should impose the construction of low-cost houses to reduce their life’s burden.

According to the data released from Valuation and Property Services Department under the Ministry of Finance, Selangor constructed 24,695 houses in the year of 2009; compare with 51,056 houses in year of 2008, the completion of houses has plunged 51% over one year.

“Since Pakatan took over Selangor, the total of completion low-cost flats has dropped from 11,128 units in 2008 to 3,475 units in 2009, which declined 68% within one year. In addition, there are only few constructions of low-cost flats in Hulu Langat, Petaling Jaya, Klang and Gombak.”

Therefore, He indicated that both of BN Central Government or Pakatan ruling states has the responsibility to find out the resolution on the construction of middle and low cost houses, including allocated lands and reduce construction costs – this is certainly help to stabilize housing prices in direct and effective way.

“Once the low-cost houses are being reduced, people will be forced to purchase more expensive houses. It will make the housing prices pushed up high in the near future, resulting in the wage earners unable to purchase a house.”

“大马应向中国取经建中低价房屋” 李万行: 由此从根源解决日益扩大的贫富悬殊现象

(吉隆坡25日讯)马华雪州副财政李万行促请政府向中国取经,以跟私人房屋发展商配合,系统化建设充足的中低价屋 ,由此从根源解决日益扩大的贫富悬殊现象。







因此,他也认为,无论是国阵中央政府或民联执政州属,都有责任针对建设中低价屋拟定解决方案,包括拨出土地, 减少建屋成本,这肯定对稳定屋价,有直接及有效帮助。


Ng Chok Sin: New credit card restrictions can help to a better financial management

(Kuala Lumpur, 24th March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Deputy Organising Secretary Ng Chok Sin appreciated the new guidelines provided by National Bank that required the credit card applicants must be a minimum of 21 years old and monthly income more than RM2000. The new guidelines will help to prevent more Malaysians become “Card Salves”.

He pointed out that the advantages of using credit cards is do not have to bring along a lot of cash, but some of Malaysians are abusing credit cards to meet their own material desires, leading to the unhealthy spending habits and always overspending.

According to Ng’s, the ratio of household debt to personal disposal income hit 140.4 % in 2009, higher than Singapore 105.3% and the US 123.3%. This means Malaysians own double the amount they earn.

“Fortunately, credit cards only accounted for 3.4% of the total of household loans which still under control. Therefore, Malaysians should learn to use the credit card responsibility to avoid follow in the footsteps of US and Taiwan, suffering from the credit card debt in their whole life.”

Nowadays, many fresh workers facing the temptation of materials in market and spends thoughtlessly on the credit card. Under the provision of new guidelines, the bank can’t arbitrarily increase the card limit without getting the cardholders’ permission, its help to avoid the unnecessary spending.

He pointed out that restrictions on application for credit cards can also encourage people to cultivate the good habit of saving, also begun saving for a house – it is really a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Even though the measure can help to ensure the consumers careful when using their credit card, but it is just “take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure” because ultimately the financial management will be determined by the people.

“People must understand, the material pleasures are a never-ending appetite, not everyone has the ability to keep in step with the tide with the fast turning of new products. People should spend accordingly, the people with monthly salary of RM2, 000 should not required the living’s standard in RM20, 000.

He also believes that the practicing in environmentally friendly could help to saving resources and costs, it’s also the the tendency of the day around the world. Therefore, people should look for more ways to be environmentally friendly, it will bring a lot advantages to our life.

The Government only can improve people’s lives with the policies, but its efficiency is depends on the people’s choice.

For example, the Government provided “100% House Loan” to the young people with a household monthly income less than RM3, 000. Under the scheme, the house buyers available to purchase the house costing below RM22, 000 and no need to pay the 10% down payment. People should learn to well use on this people-beneficial measure and not to miss this opportunity.

“If people unable to manage their financial, they will become card slaves, house slaves, car salves etc. Therefore, people should try their best to keep away from their unnecessary material desires, in order to achieve the goal in financial planning.”

黄祚信: 限制申請信用卡助理財

图说: (左3)黄祚信赠送球衣至队长阿比(右3 ),右1 为马华雪邦区会服务中心主任萧养胜。













Ei Kim Hock: Nazri’s accusation against Chua Soi Lek had seriously violated the spirit of BN

(Kuala Lumpur, 23rd March) Refers to the case that Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department Dato’ Sri Nazri Abdul Aziz personal attacked MCA president Dato’ Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek, MCA Selangor State Liaison Deputy Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ Ei Kim Hock condemned the accusation had seriously violated the spirit of BN.

“If all of the MCA members and Chinese community believe that it is necessary to leave BN, MCA will submit to the public opinion.”

Nazri accused that MCA often criticized UMNO, and also challenged MCA to leave BN if they were dissatisfied to the party. Ei Kim Hock expressed his view based on this argument.

Ei Kim Hock criticized the unreasonable interpretation of Nazri is not appropriate. Chua Soi Lek was high profile in politics and reflect the voice of Chinese community without reservations, but his political stance has been misunderstanding by Nazri.

In fact, Chua Soi Lek successfully reforms MCA since he took over the post of MCA President. He adopted high-profile in political and has been recognized by the Chinese community, also appreciated by the Prime Minister.

Nowadays, there is solid unity throughout MCA. He believes that all members and leaders of MCA will fully backup MCA president at any time, also continues to support president to express his view in order to protect people’s interests.








Ei Kim Hock: serangan peribadi yang dilakukan oleh Nazri kepada Chua Soi Lek telah serius melanggar semangat BN

(Kuala Lumpur 23 Mac) Berdasarkan kepada serangan peribadi yang dilakukan oleh Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz¬ kepada Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, Timbalan Pengerusi Datuk Ei Kim Hock menyatakan bahawa penuduhan itu telah serius melanggar semangat BN.

“Jika semua ahli MCA dan masyarakat Cina percaya bahawa MCA sepatutnya meninggalkan BN, MCA akan mengikuti pendapat awam.”

Nazri menuduh MCA sering mengkritik UMNO, dan juga mencabar MCA untuk meninggalkan BN jika mereka merasa tidak puas kepada parti. Berdasarkan penyataan ini, Ei Kim Hock memberi pendapatnya.

Ei Kim Hock mengkritik interpretasi yang dibuat oleh Nazri adalah tidak tepat dan sesuai. Chua Soi Lek mengamalkan profil tinggi dalam politik dan sering mencerminkan suara hati masyarakat Cina secara langsung, tetapi sikap politiknya telah disalah faham oleh Nazri.

Sebenarnya, sejak Chua Soi Lek mengambil jawatan Presiden MCA, beliau telah berjaya reformasi MCA. Beliau mengadopsi profil tinggi dalam politik dan telah diakui oleh masyarakat Cina, juga dihargai oleh Perdana Menteri.

Di bawah persatuan MCA, beliau percaya bahawa semua ahli dan pemimpin MCA akan memberi sokongan sepenuhnya kepada presiden MCA pada bila-bila masa, juga terus menyokong presiden untuk menyampaikan pendapatnya supaya menahankan mafaat masyarakat.

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Tang See Hang: Nazri should not personal attacked Chua Soi Lek

(Kuala Lumpur, 23rd March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Treasurer cum Selayang Division Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ Tang See Hang indicated that MCA president Dato’ Sri Dr Chua Soi Lek has the right to reflect the voice of Chinese community and people.

This is because BN is the biggest Chinese-based party which responsibility to convey the views of Chinese community and people, whether through internal BN or other channels.

He criticized the reaction of Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department, ¬Dato’ Sri Nazri Abdul Aziz ¬is too sensitive and extreme. As the leader of BN, Nazri should not personal attacked to the alliance party of BN.

“BN leaders should not uglify the alliance parties, because it would violate to the spirit of BN. BN Chairman cum Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak should take action to prevent this negative and unfriendly behavior.”

Nazri warned Dr Chua Soi Lek to change the “Chinese Hero” image and do not attacked UMNO to win the support of Chinese community. Refers to this case, Tang See Hang expressed his view today.

He asked BN Supreme Council to seek a solution to solve this interior controversy, in order to avoid the party become disarray before coming national elections.

邓诗汉: 批纳兹里不应对蔡细历人身攻击







Tang See Hang: Nazri tidak harus menyerang peribadi kepada Chua Soi Lek

(Kuala Lumpur 23 Mac) Bendahari MCA Negeri Selangor merangkap Ketua MCA Bahagian Selayang Y.Bhg. Datuk Tang See Hang mengatakan bahawa Presiden MCA Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek berhak untuk menyampaikan suara masyarakat Cina dan rakyat.

Hal ini kerana BN merupakan parti Cina yang terbesar, seharusnya bertanggung jawab untuk menyampaikan pandangan di kalangan masyarakat Cina dan rakyat, tidak kiranya melalui BN dalaman atau saluran lain.

Beliau mengkritik atas reaksi Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Nazri Abdul Aziz¬ yang terlalu sensitif dan ekstrim. Sebagai pemimpin BN, Nazri tidak patut menyerang peribadi kepada parti perikatan BN."

“Pemimpin-pemimpin BN tidak patut menjelekkan parti perikatan kerana ini akan akan melanggar dengan semangat BN. Ketua BN cum Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak seharusnya mengambil tindakan untuk mengelakkan tindakan yang tidak beramah kepada BN.”

Nazri memberi amaran kepada Dr Chua Soi Lek jangan memainkan peranan sebagai “Hero Cina” dan berhenti menyerang UMNO untuk memenangi sokongan dari masyarakat Cina. Merujuk kepada kes ini, Tang See Hang menyatakan pandangannya hari ini.

Beliau meminta Dewan Tertinggi BN untuk mencari penyelesaian untuk mengatasi perselisihan dalaman ini dan mengelakkan kewujudan kekacauan dalam parti sebelum pilihan raya umum.

Yip Kum Fook: Government should approved government-linked companies cooperated with private housing developers to build middle and low cost houses nearby MRT’s planning route

(Kuala Lumpur , 23rd Mac) MCA Selangor State Liaison Deputy Chairman cum Gombak MCA Division Chairman Y.Bhg. Dato’ Yip Kum Fook advised Government approved government-linked companies cooperated with private housing developers under the concept of “One Malaysia”.

In the proposal, he advised the associate build up the middle and low cost houses costing RM10, 000-RM22, 000 in the range which planning to build MRT. It will directly beneficial to people of middle and lower class in Malaysia.

For example, since the MRT route has been announced, the Government can developed rapid transit and housing programs under the coordinated with government-linked companies and private sector developers, such as Malaysian Rubber Board allocated 10 billion to develop the 2680 acres mix development, which is an appropriate plan.

“The Government can require the associate to retain 1,500 acres of land to build middle and low cost houses costing RM10, 000-RM22, 000, which 750 acres of land use to build the houses costing below RM10, 000. There are no involving any racial and ethnic quotas, but only open to the first time house buyer those with monthly incomes below RM3, 000. It is certainly greatly welcomed by the people of all ethnic groups.”

He advised the Government refer to the Housing Department of Singapore and Housing Scheme of China to construct middle and low cost houses; Singapore and China using the government land to build low cost houses or flats, so that the construction costs was lower; on the other side, Malaysia’s houses costing higher because they usually used the private land.

“Singapore and Hong Kong tends to build the tall buildings to save the huge land’s costs; in the necessary case, the Government can funding for these housing schemes, it’s more beneficial than the Selangor’s free water for first 20 cubic metres, worth RM11.40 per month.”

He belives the “My First Home Scheme” which introduced by Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak is the good news for people of middle and low classes – the people under the age of 35 and monthly income below RM3, 000 can apply for the “100% Housing Loan”, the eligible applications can buy the house between RM10,000-RM22, 000. This is the people-based policy that every citizen can enjoy the right to purchase houses because the lands are belongs to country.

He stressed that the costs of housing and transportation has been spending 70% of the expenses in one’s whole life. The Government should prescribe the right medicine to solve the people’s needs, as this will give people a better and stable life.

The project of Kuala Lumpur Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT), where the first line will start from Sungai Buloh to Kajang will be started in July this year, and expected to be completed in 2016. The MRT route through Petaling Jaya, Kajang and the centre of Kuala Lumpur with 35 stations, covering a distance of 51km and 9.5 km of underground.

“Most of the MRT’s routes centrally located in residential areas, such as Sungai Buloh, Jalan Semantan, Maruli, Phoenix Plaza and Kajang – just the maximum number of passengers in Jalan Semantan station, has been conservatively estimated at 30,000 people.”

Housing and transportation costs may be the heavy burden for families with monthly incomes below RM3, 000. Therefore, the middle and low cost houses should be constructed nearby the MRT stations to reduce the burden of this people.

“Many people worked hard in their whole life, but still unable to purchase a house. The Government is now sympathetic to the people and provided “100% Housing Loan” to reduce their life’s burden. Nowadays, we are facing to the global inflation, so we must be more careful in financial management to avoid overspending.”

There are poor families in each ethnic group, such as a couple may difficult to live in current environment with their monthly income of only RM3, 000 but need to cover the expenses of children, house loan and car loan. Therefore, sympathy measures for the middle and low classes should be implemented as soon as possible.

He said that averaging 18 people have been killed in road accidents, including 11 of motorbike (drivers/ passengers), 4 of car drivers, 2 of pedestrians and the rest are bus or other road users.

“Once the public transport system become maturing, people will choose to use MRT instead of driving. By the way, road accidents and crime rates will certainly be dropped. Therefore, people should support and coordinate with Government to ensure the better future and become the advanced country.”







他认为,首相兼财政部长拿督斯里纳吉宣布的“我的第一间房屋”计划,让凡收入少于3000令吉,年龄不超过35岁者 ,可申请100%房屋贷款,符合资格者可购买价格介于10万至22万令吉的房屋,是中下阶层人民的大好消息;土地本来是国家拥有,人民有享受的权力,这才是以民为本的政策。


他指出,吉隆坡捷运交通系统首个阶段的捷运路线是以双溪毛糯为起点,加影为终点,将在今年 7 月正式动工,工程预料在 2016 年完成,路线贯穿吉隆坡市区,全程长达 51 公里,其中 9.5 公里为地下隧道,途中经过八打灵再也丶吉隆坡市中心及加影共 35 个捷运站 。



“很多人辛苦了一辈子,都无法拥有一个安乐窝,政府如今体恤人民,提供年轻人 100%房屋贷款购屋,肯定会帮助到他们减轻生活负担;尤其是在全球都面对通货膨涨情况下,人民必须更谨慎地理财,以免面对入不敷出困境。”




Yip Kum Fook: Kerajaan seharusnya membenarkan kerjasama antara syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan pemaju perumahan swasta untuk membina rumah kos menengah rendah di kawasan yang dirancang membina MRT

(Kuala Lumpur 23 Mac)Timbalan Ketua MCA Selangor merangkap Ketua Bahagian Gombak MCA Y.Bhg. Datuk Yip Kum Fook mencadangkan Kerajaan membenarkan kerjasama antara syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan pemaju perumahan swasta di bawah konsep “Satu Malaysia”.

Cadangan tersebut berkaitan dengan pembinaan rumah kos menengah rendah yang berharga antara RM10, 000-RM22, 000 di kawasan yang dirancang membina MRT. Ini akan mambawakan manfaat bagi masyarakat dari kelas menengah ke bawah di Malaysia.

Contohnya, sejak perancangan projek MRT diumumkan, Kerajaan boleh membangunkan rapid transit dan perumahan di bawah koordinasi dengan syarikat-syarikat berkaitan kerajaan dan pemaju perumahan swasta, seperti pembangunan projek yang dibiayai oleh Lembaga Getah Malaysia sebanyak 10 billion di tanah Sungai Buloh seluas 2680 ekar, adalah salah satu perancangan yang tepat.

“Kerajaan boleh meminta persatuan itu membina rumah-rumah kos menengah rendah yang berharga RM10, 000-RM22, 000 di tanah seluas 1500 hektar daripada kawasan itu, manakala 750 hektar antaranya digunakan untuk membina rumah kos di bawah RM10, 000. Rancangan ini tidak melibatkan sebarang kuota perkauman, hanya terbuka untuk masyarakat yang membeli rumah pertama dengan berpendapatan bulanan RM3000. Ini amat disambutkan oleh rakyat-rakyat dari semua kumpulan etnik. ”

Kerajaan boleh merujuk kepada Jabatan Perumahan Singapura dan Racangan Perumahan China untuk membina rumah kos menengah rendah. Singapura dan China menggunakan tanah kerajaan untuk membina rumah murah atau flat untuk mencapai jumlah kos pembinaan yang lebih rendah; di sisi lain, rumah-rumah Malaysia mengambil kos yang lebih tinggi kerana mereka biasanya menggunakan lahan swasta.

“Singapura dan Hong Kong biasanya membina bangunan-bangunan tinggi untuk menjimatkan kos tanah; dalam kes yang diperlukan, Kerajaan seharusnya melaburkan wang ke atas projek perumahan ini yang lebih menguntungkan berbanding dengan projek air percuma iaitu rakyat Selangor dapat 20 meter padu air percuma dengan harga RM11.40 setiap bulan. ”

Beliau percaya bahawa ” Skim Rumah Pertama Ku” yang diperkenalkan oleh Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak merupakan satu kabar baik bagi rakyat-rakyat kelas menengah rendah – rakyat yang berumur di bawah usia 35 dan berpendapatan bulanan RM3, 000 ke bawah boleh mengemukakan permohonan untuk “Pinjaman Perumahan 100 %”. Aplikasi yang memenuhi syarat dibenarkan untuk membeli rumah berharga antara RM10,000-RM22, 000. Di bawah skim perumahan ini, setiap warga negara dapat membeli rumah kerana tanah tersebut adalah tanah milik negara. Oleh itu, dasar ini amat menguntungkan rakyat Malaysia.

Beliau menekankan bahawa kos perumahan dan pengangkutan telah menghabiskan 70% dari pendapatan seseorang. Kerajaan harus mengambil dasar yang tepat untuk memenuhi keperluan masyarakat supaya menjamin kehidupan yang lebih baik dan stabil.

Projek Mass Rapid Transit System (MRT) di Kuala Lumpur dijangka bermula Julai tahun depan dan akan disiapkan pada tahun 2016. Projek ini melibatkan laluan Sungai Buloh dan Kajang dengan jarak sejauh 51 kilometer dan laluan bawah tanah sejauh 9.5 km termasuk pembinaan 35 buah stesen perhentian yang turut melalui pusat bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

“Laluan MRT yang terletak di pusatperumahan, kawasan-kawasan yang terlibat termasuk Sungai Buloh, Jalan Semantan, Maruli, Phoenix Plaza dan Kajang. Katanya lebih daripada 30,000 orang dijangka menggunakan perkhidmatan MRT di perhentian Semantan Jalan.”

Kos perumahan dan pengangkutan merupakan beban berat bagi keluarga dengan pendapatan bulanan di bawah RM3, 000. Oleh itu, rumah-rumah kos menengah rendah harus dibina berhampiran dengan perhentian MRT untuk mengurangkan beban golongan ini.

“Banyak orang bekerja keras seumur hidup mereka tetapi masih tidak bermampu untuk membeli rumah. Kerajaan bersimpati kepada gologan kerja ini dan menyediakan” Pinjaman Perumahan 100%” untuk mengurangkan beban hidup mereka. Pada masa kini, kita menghadapi permasalahan inflasi di seluruh dunia, jadi kita harus lebih berhati-hati atas pengurusan kewangan untuk mengelakkan pembaziran.”

Terdapat keluarga miskin di setiap kumpulan etnik, seperti pasangan suami isteri dengan pendapatan bulanan hanya RM3, 000 mungkin sukar untuk hidup di persekitaran saat ini kerana perlu membayar kos anak-anak, pinjaman rumah dan pinjaman kereta. Oleh itu, langkah-langkah simpati untuk kelas menengah rendah harus dilaksanakan secepat mungkin.

Beliau mengatakan bahawa 18 orang terbunuh dalam kemalangan jalan raya setiap hari di seluruh Malaysia, termasuk 11orang pemandu dan penumpang Motorola, 4 orang pemandu kereta, 2 orang pejalan kaki dan tinggalnya adalah bas atau pengguna jalan yang lain.

“Jika sistem pengangkutan awam menjadi semakin lengkap, rakyat-rakyat akan menggunakan MRT untuk mengelak daripada memandu, ini akan mengurangkan kemalangan jalan raya dan kadar jenayah. Oleh itu, kita harus menyokong dan berkoordinasi dengan Kerajaan untuk menjamin masa depan yang lebih baik dan mencapai kemajuan negara. “

Theng Book: Pakatan no need too sensitive on Anwar’s allegation of “Sex Video”

(Kuala Lumpur, 23rd March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Public Services & Complaints Bureau Chief Y.Bhg. Dato’ Theng Book indicated that the Pakatan’s leaders too sensitive on the allegation of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim which accused him was the man in the “Sex Video”.

Dato’ Theng Book reminded all the Pakatan’s leaders to respect the investigation and Proceedings carried out by the police.

The public should not “jump to conclusions” before all the facts of the case come out.

Even before investigations had begun, Anwar accusing both Prime Minister Dato’ Sei Najib Tun Razak and Minister of the Interior Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin covered the fact of Sex Video. He also indicated that the video is a conspiracy to destroy his relationship with Pakatan, also is the political trick to stop the advanced of Pakatan – it is the undesirable action in defiance of the law.”

He also believes that the Anwar’s accusation to Najib and Hishammuddin is the serious allegations, which Anwar must bear the legal responsibility.

Theng’s said that Pakatan’s leaders often exposed the scandal of others and blamed on BN. This political trick is use to divert people’s attention, people should take sensible attitude to evaluate on this issue and not become easily affected by others.

Even though Anwar has has vehemently denied he is the man in the Sex Video, but the judgment can’t be determined by Anwar’s testimony or media reports – the most accurate survey is only can be investigated by legal ways.

“If a prisoner can vow to prove his innocence, we do not need legal and court in our Democracy and Legal system country. Every time the opposition leaders being accused, they will claims there is political agenda behind the accusation. Are they never breaking the law? ”

He criticized, Pakatan’s leaders often attacked BN for each accusation, this is the conventional trick of Pakatan. Anwar has self-defensed that he was staying with his family when the incident happened, it has proved that he was absent from the scene, However, it is not an effective argument in law.










Theng Book: Pakatan tidak perlu terlalu sensitif atas tuduhan “Video Sex” kedpada Anwar

(Kuala Lumpur 23 Mac) Ketua Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam dan Aduan MCA Selangor Y.Bhg. Datuk Theng Book berkata bahawa para pemimpin Pakatan terlalu sensitif terhadap kes pemimpin pembangkang Anwar Ibrahim yang menuduh dia sebagai lelaki yang bermuncul dalam “Video Sex”.

Datuk Theng Book mengingatkan semua pemimpin Pakatan untuk menghormati ke atas proses penyiasatan yang dilakukan oleh pihak polis. Masyarakat tidak harus “melompat ke kesimpulan” sebelum semua fakta kes dikeluarkan.

Sebelum penyiasatan dimulakan, Anwar sudah menuduh tindakan Perdana Menteri Datuk Najib Tun Razak dan Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Hishammuddin yang bercuba untuk menutup kebenaran Video Sex. Dia juga menuduh bahawa video itu adalah konspirasi yang bertujuan untuk menghancurkan hubungannya dengan Pakatan, dan juga merupakan trik politik yang ingin menghalangkan kemajuan Pakatan – Ini adalah tindakan yang tidak bermoral dan mengabaikan undang-undang. ”

Beliau juga berpendapat bahawa tuduhan Anwar kepada Najib dan Hishammuddin adalah tuduhan yang amat serius, Anwar harus memegang tanggung jawab undang-undang atas tuduhannya.

Theng berkata bahawa para pemimpin Pakatan sering membongkar skandal orang lain dan menyalahkan BN. Trik politik ini digunakan untuk mengalihkan perhatian masyarakat. Kita seharusnya mengambil sikap yang rasional untuk menilai isu ini supaya tidak mudah terpengaruh oleh orang lain.

Walaupun Anwar telah membantah dia adalah lelaki di Video Sex, tetapi penghakiman tidak dapat diputuskan dengan kenyataan Anwar atau laporan media – keputusan yang paling tepat hanya boleh disiasat melalui cara undang-undang.

“Jika sumpahan boleh membuktikan kebersihan seseorang, namun Negara Demokrasi dan Berperlembagaan ini tidak memerlukan undang-undang dan mahkamah. Setiap kali pemimpin-pemimpin pembangkang dituduh, mereka akan berkata terdapatnya agenda politik di belakang tuduhan itu. Adakah mereka tidak pernah melanggar undang-undang ? ”

Beliau mengkritik, para pemimpin Pakatan menyalahkan BN atas setiap tuduhan, ini merupakan cara yang sering digunakan oleh Pakatan. Anwar menerangkan bahawa dia bersama keluarganya ketika peristiwa itu berlaku, ini membuktikan bahawa dia tidak melawat ke tempat kejadian. Tetapi, kenyataan ini tidak berkesan dari segi undang-undang.

Lee Li Yew: People should play their own role on the development of country

(Kuala Lumpur, 22nd March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Cadre Training Bureau Lee Li Yew urged people of all nationalities took the Japan’s earthquake, tsunami and subsequent crisis of nuclear power plant explosion as the lesson on themselves, playing their roles to ensure the stability of future generations.

He pointed out that Malaysian society began to discuss whether we have the ability to establish nuclear power plants after the accident in Japan. In fact, the issue which more deserved to discuss is the current attitude of Malaysian life.

He said that Malaysia became the first choice of the Japanese to settle down in overseas countries. Up to December last year, there were 1500 Japanese had settled in Malaysia, it is the glorious fact which worth Malaysians to study – when a lot of people talking about “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”, there are many foreigners decided to settle in Malaysia.

“There are several factors made the Japanese favored Malaysia’s living environment, including geographical proximity between Japan and Malaysia, stability development of political and economic, no need to prepare for climate change, languages and enthusiasm of Malaysians, etc. The major factor is there are no natural disasters in Malaysia, so Japanese do not need to fear of sudden disaster.

He believes that Malaysia is the country blessed by the God of Fortune – never happened serious natural disaster and rich in natural resources. But, there are frequently occurred man-made disasters, social problems and weakness of law enforcement in our country.

“According to Department of Transportation, the road traffic deaths of Malaysia ranked at number 46 out of 172 countries, based on road traffic deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles, and 58 out of 178 countries based on deaths per 100,000 inhabitants – even though we expected the World Ranking will be dropped to 20 in the next 5 to 10 years, but the high traffic accident always been a headache for the officials.

The Malaysians facing the traffic problem when traveling daily to work or school, its being a common problem in Malaysia – how can people dependent on government to ensure the better future of country?

“A country relies on the efforts distributed from each citizen to achieve advanced country – don’t underestimate the power of one person because each person has the ability to influence people around.”

Compare with past 10 years, the living standards of Malaysians has been increase, but in the comparison with other countries, Malaysians still has rooms to improve in the field of education, social, civilization and consciousness, work efficiency, discipline, etc.

“Look at the calm and disciplined manner of Japanese in the face of disaster, we should ask our self – why we often restless in driving or shopping even in a sunny morning? Why can’t we throw trash into ashbin? Why we do not line up the toilet? People often making some excuse on their problems even blame others.”

He asked: “If every citizen giving their effort to work and take their social responsibility, this country will absolutely become an advanced country.”

He stressed that every citizen must comply with the rules to become responsible civilized people, in order to grantee the future of our country.

日本发生地震海啸核泄事件 李丽友:我国人民应引以为鉴













Lee Li Yew: Rakyat seharusnya memainkan peranan mereka sendiri dalam pembangunan negara

(Kuala Lumpur, 22nd March) Jabatankuasa Latihan MCA Selangor Lee Li Yew meminta semua rakyat Malaysia mengambil bencana gempa bumi, tsunami dan letupan nuklear yang melanda Jepun sebagai satu pelajaran untuk memainkan peranan mereka untuk memastikan kestabilan generasi akan datang.

Masyarakat Malaysia mula mempertimbangkan kemampuan negara kita atas pembinaan pembinaan loji nuclear. Sebenarnya, isu yang lebih perlu dibincangkan adalah sikap kehidupan rakyat Malaysia pada masa kini.

Beliau mengatakan bahawa Malaysia menjadi pilihan pertama bagi Jepun untuk menetap di luar negara. Sampai akhir tahun lepas, terdapat 1500 orang Jepun menetap di negara kita, ini adalah kenyataan yang amat dibanggakan dan bernilai untuk dibincangkan – terdapat banyak orang asing memutuskan untuk menetap di Malaysia ketika rakyat Malaysia berbicara tentang “rumput selalu lebih hijau di sisi lain pagar”.

“Terdapat beberapa faktor yang menyebabkan persekitaran hidup Malaysia disukai oleh orang Jepun, termasuk kedekatan geografi antara Jepun dan Malaysia, kestabilan atas pembangunan politik dan ekonomi, tidak perlu bersedia dengan sebarang perubahan cuaca, bahasa dan kemesraan orang Malaysia, dll. Selain itu, Faktor utama adalah ada tiada bencana alam di Malaysia, orang Jepun tidak perlu bimbang tentang bencana yang datang tiba-tiba.”

Beliau percaya bahawa Malaysia adalah negara yang diberkati oleh Tuhan kerana tidak pernah diserang oleh bencana alam yang serius dan kaya dengan sumber alam semula jadi. Namun, terdapat banyak lagi masalah berwujud di negara kita seperti bencana buatan manusia, masalah sosial dan kelemahan dalam penguatkuasaan undang-undang.

” Menurut statistik yang dikeluarkan oleh Jabatan Pengangkutan, di peringkat antarabangsa, Malaysia menduduki tempat ke-46 daripada 172 negara dari segi indeks kematian bagi setiap 10,000 kenderaan berdaftar, juga menduduki tempat ke-58 daripada 178 negara dari segi kematian lalu lintas setiap 10,000 penduduk – Walaupun kita berharap kedudukan ini akan jatuh ke tempat ke-20 dalam 5 hingga 10 tahun yang akan datang, namun kemalangan lalu lintas yang tinggi pada masa kini merupakan masalah yang merusing bagi para pegawai.”

Rakyat Malaysia menghadapi masalah pengangkutan ke sekolah atau kerja setiap hari, ini telah menjadi keadaan biasa di antara rakyat. Bolehkah masyarakat bergantung pada Kerajaan untuk memperoleh masa depan yang lebih baik?

“Jika sebuah negara ingin mencapai kemajuan, perlulah bergantung ke atas usaha yang diberikan oleh setiap rakyat. Jangan pandang rendah terhadap usaha satu orang kerana setiap orang mempunyai keupayaan untuk mempengaruhi orang sekitar.”

Berbanding dengan 10 tahun lepas, taraf hidup Malaysia telah meningkat; tetapi jika berbanding dengan negara lain, negara kita masih mempunyai ruang yang amat luas untuk terus meningkatkan lagi seperti bidang pendidikan, sosial, dan peradaban, kecekapan kerja, disiplin, dll.

“Lihatlah ketabahan dan disiplin bangsa Jepun ketika menghadapi bencana, kita harus bertanya kepada diri sendiri – Mengapa kita sering gelisah dalam memandu atau membeli-belah walaupun di pagi yang cerah? Mengapa kita tidak boleh membuang sampah ke tong sampah? Mengapa kita tidak berbaris ke tandas? Kita sentiasa memberi banyak alasan ke atas masalah sendiri bahkan menyalahkan orang lain. ”

Dia bertanya: “Jika setiap warga negara memberikan usaha mereka dalam perkerjaan dan mengambil tanggung jawab sosial mereka, negara ini mesti akan mencapai kemajuan.”

Dia menekankan bahawa setiap warga negara harus mematuhi peraturan dan menjadi orang beradab yang bertanggung jawab untuk menjamin masa depan negara kita.

Sheah Kok Fah: Never allow PAS take the opportunity to abolish rights of non-Muslims

(Kuala Lumpur, 22nd March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Publicity Bureau Vice Bureau Chief Sheah Kok Fah reminded all non-Muslims to defend their rights and interests and not to allow PAS the opportunity to abolish such rights and interests.

Sheah’s reminder came following PAS President Dato’ Seri Hadi Awang’s statement that in the event PAS wins in the coming general election and takes over the Federal Administration and Government, they will introduce, enforce and implement the concept of Islamic state nationwide, which includes total outright ban on gambling.

He pointed out that ultimately, PAS’s main objective is the implementation of an Islamic Theocratic State. With a PAS member as the nation’s Prime Minister and governing the country, PAS is free to introduce new government policies under the guise of implementing an Islamic State.

“As DAP is in cohorts with PKR and PAS under the Pakatan Rakyat Banner, DAP leaders are willing to assist and hasten PAS’s ambition in the establishment of an Islamic state in Malaysia. It is ironic that when in face-to-face with non Muslim Malaysian and voters, DAP are vehemently against the formation of an Islamic state and the application of Islamic law on non-Muslims.”

PKR leader YB Dato’ Sri Anwar Ibrahim is now facing sodomy trial, Pakatan will elected a PAS leader as Prime Minister if they obtained success in the election. This is because standing on Pakatan’s position, PKR leaders would make a political recantation at any time, meanwhile DAP leaders are not supported by the majority of Muslims.

“PAS is under the impression that as the Chinese community supports Pakatan, they are directly in support of PAS. In other words, the Chinese Community are agreeable with the concept of an Islamic Government. The Chinese should stop this “misunderstanding” immediately.

The stance taken and political lie made by the DAP and PKR due to their respective political interest has given rise to a time-bomb or a crisis; total implementation of an Islamic State by PAS. The Islamic State Concept by PAS supported by DAP and PKR are in total contradictory terms with the basic tenets of our country since independence, a multi racial, religious and culture Malaysia. As PAS seeks to uphold the Islamic State Concept, Confucianism which is deeply rooted and practised by Malaysia’s Chinese community is now at great risk. Confucianism is fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of PAS’s Islamic State.

“The ban on gambling is just the tip of the iceberg in PAS’s effort to erode the rights and interests of non-Muslims. There are other regulations such as regulations affecting the social status of women which will ultimately progress to regulations that seriously violates our religious and cultural rights. ”

He reminded that the BN Government is developing Malaysia towards a fully developed nation in line with Vision 2020. Since the independence of our country, even though Islam is the official religion of the country, non Muslims are free to embrace other religions and culture as enshrined in our Federal Constitution. The stability and development enjoyed by Malaysians over the past 50 years is testimony to the success of the BN government.

“There are still some who has criticized the BN but in line with People First Performance Now, the BN Government has taken various measures and steps to improve performance and delivery to Malaysians with much success. It is now the priority for all Malaysians to fully cooperate with the Government towards achieving a more civilized and advanced country in line with present day requirements and international standards. We must not allow PAS and Pakatan to implement policies which will ultimately destroy our Nation.”

The measures which forced people to prohibit gambling and alcohol can’t prevent social problems, but encourage more illegal activities – an educated Malaysian should know how to distinguish between right and wrong – education is the most effective way to protect a better future of our country.

“A Democratic Government can adopt effective way to gradually reduce unhealthy activities such as encourage to less smoking. The Government should educate the people by civilization way, as reforming of economic and social will take time to be carried out step by step.”

He also challenged DAP and PKR leaders such as Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok Suh Sim and Chua Tian Chang to express their opinion on implementation concept of Islamic State.

哈迪阿旺称若执政全国落实回教国理念 谢国华:非回教徒必须捍卫本身权益













Sheah Kok Fah: Jangan Benarkan PAS Menghakis Hak Masyarakat Bukan Islam

(Kuala Lumpur 22 Mac) Timbalan Ketua Biro Politik & Penerangan MCA Selangor Sheah Kok Fah hari ini mengingatkan rakyat bukan Islam agar sentiasa membela hak serta kepentingan mereka dan jangan benarkan PAS mengambil kesempatan menghakis hak serta kepentingan tersebut.

Peringatan ini dibuat berikutan dengan kenyataan Presiden PAS Datuk Seri Hadi Awang bahawa sekiranya Parti PAS memenangi Pilihanraya Umum akan datang dan seterusnya mengambil alih pentadbiran kerajaan Persekutuan, PAS akan memperkenal dan menerapkan Konsep Negara Islam di Malaysia dan seterusnya melarang perjudian.

Sheah mengingatkan bahawa matlamat utama Pemimpin-Pemimpin PAS ialah pelaksanaan Konsep Negara Teokratik Islam. Tambahnya lagi, sebaik sahaja PAS memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri dan memerintah negara, mereka bebas melakukan apa-apa sahaja atas nama Pelaksanaan Konsep Negara Islam.

“DAP yang menyokong dan bersekongkong dengan PKR dan PAS, hanya memboleh dan mempercepatkan usaha PAS dalam pembentukan Negara Islam di Malaysia. Namun demikian, apabila DAP berhadapan dengan rakyat dan pengundi Bukan Islam, mereka berpura-pura menentang Konsep Negara Islam di Malaysia pula.”

Perjuangan PKR adalah hanya untuk “mem-Perdana Menteri-kan” Anwar Ibrahim. Disebabkan tuduhan liwat yang dihadapinya dan sekiranya kebetulan Pakatan Rakyat, gabungan DAP, PAS dan PKR, memenangi pilihanran raya umum ke-13, Pakatan Rakyat sudah tentu akan melantik seorang Pemimpin PAS untuk memegang jawatan Perdana Menteri. DAP hanya mampu menonton sahaja kerana mereka golongan minority dalam gabungan Pakatan Rakyat.

PAS menganggap sokongan masyarakat Cina kepada Pakatan adalah secara langsung sokongan masyarakat Cina kepada PAS. Bagi pihak PAS, ini bermaksud, masyarakat Cina bersetuju dengan PAS dalam pembentukan Negara Islam di Malaysia. Masyarakat Cina seharusnya menghentikan “salah faham” pemimpin-peminpin PAS.

Pembohongan DAP dan PKR demi kepentingan politik masing-masing telah melahirkan satu “time-bomb” atau krisis yang amat besar di negara kita; iaitu pembentukan Negara Islam oleh PAS. Keadaan ini amat membimbangkan kerana konsep Negara Malaysia sejak zaman kemerdekaan lagi ialah Malaysia Negara Berbilang Budaya dan Agama. Konsep Konfusianisma yang selama ini diamalkan oleh masyarakat Cina di Negara ini kini terancam dengan Konsep Negara Islam yang akan dipaksakan oleh pemimpin PAS ke atas masyarakat Cina Malaysia sekiranya PAS memerintah negara.

Larangan perjudian hanyalah satu titik permulaan usaha PAS dalam pembentukan Negara Islam yang menghakis hak masyarakat bukan Islam. Masih banyak lagi prinsip-prinsip yang PAS ingin laksanakan terutama sekali berkaitan hak serta kedudukan kaum wanita di dalam masyarakat yang akhirnya merangkumi ancaman terhadap hak keagamaan dan budaya masyarakat bukan Islam.

Prinsip Kerajaan BN ialah membangunkan Negara dan mencapai status Malaysia Negara Maju selaras dengan Konsep Wawasan 2020. Sejak Negara kita merdeka, agama Islam adalah agama rasmi Negara dan agama-agama lain bebas diamalkan seperti yang termaktub di dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Hakikat Negara kita membangun dan bergerak maju di atas prinsip ini membuktikan kejayaan Prinsip Kerajaan BN.

Walau bagaimanapun masih ada setengah-setengah pihak yang mengkritik Kerajaan BN. Namun demikian Kerajaan BN yang prihatin dan peka kepada rakyat sentiasa mengambil langkah langkah untuk memperbaiki dan meningkatkan mutu prestasi mereka demi kepentingan Negara. Rakyat seharusnya bekerjasama dengan Kerajaan dalam menuju ke arah masyarakat Malaysia yang lebih maju dan beradab sesuai dengan keperluan semasa antarbangsa. PAS dan Pakatan mestilah dihalang dari mengambil kuasa dan melaksanakan dasar-dasar yang merosakkan Negara.

Tindakan atas larangan perjudian dan alkohol tidak dapat mencegah masalah sosial, tetapi menggalakkan lebih banyak kegiatan haram – seseorang rakyat yang berpendidikan seharusnya tahu membezakan antara betul dan salah, iaitu pendidikan merupakan cara yang paling berkesan untuk menjamin masa depan yang lebih baik kepada negara kita.

“Sebuah Kerajaan yang mengamalkan permerinthan demokratik boleh mengambilkan cara yang berkesan untuk mengurangkan kegiatan yang tidak sihat secara berperingkat seperti mendorong rakyat kurangkan tabiat merokok. Kerajaan seharusnya mendidik rakyat secara tamadun kerana reformasi ekonomi dan sosial akan mengambil masa untuk dicapaikan dengan berlangkah-langkah.”

Beliau juga mencabar pemimpin-pemimpin DAP dan PKR seperti Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok Suh Sim dan Chua Tian Chang untuk menyampaikan pendapat mereka tentang konsep pelaksanaan Negara Islam, juga bertanya adakah PAS akan menutup Kasino Genting setelah mereka memperoleh pemerintah pusat?

Chua Soi Lek: Improve 20% of people-dissatisfied problems available to obtain Malaysia’s regime

(Kuala Lumpur, 21st March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Deputy Treasurer Lee Ban Seng agreed with MCA president Dato’ Sri Dr. Chua Soi Lek, that the coming general election is the “decisive battle” of MCA, therefore all party members should thoroughly studies this issue to take the effective countermeasure.

He said, the survival of MCA are closely related with the policies and opinions of BN Government and leaders – BN Government which under the leadership of Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak should thoroughly review for all people-dissatisfied policies in order to get a guaranteed in the coming general elections.

“The demands of Chinese community is not too much – only requested the equal treatment in each areas, such as adopting Performance Evaluation System, institutional development of SRKC, increased number of civil servants admitted – as long as the Government improve at least 20% of people-dissatisfied problems, BN would absolutely won the Malaysia’s regime.”

He pointed out that the opposition party leaders have to cooperation with the measures of BN, refroming both of economic and social sector to contribute to our country.
Politicians play an important political role – a responsibility politician should fight for the country’s future, but not for personal gain and power.

He stressed that BN should defend for the regime, meanwhile MCA should defend the position of the Chinese community to ensure that BN can continue to lead Malaysia into a development of steady progress.

He criticized the Pakatan’s performance over past 3 years have been disappointed by people that Pakatan can’t achieved “two-coalition system” – in order to avoid Pakatan holds the people’s future, all the BN party members should be united to fight for the benefits of people.

He pointed out that economic restructuring plans is important to our country especially strengthen on public transportation, as construction of MRT is one of the effective resolution. Therefore, any Pakatan leaders who attacked on this scheme, there was a political scheme behind them.

“Pakatan always attacked on the government’s schemes such as public transportation housing and water supply, but never made any specific and constructive proposals – they often unreasonably opposed all the schemes, who only talk but do nothing.”

DAP and PKR who claims obtained the supports from Chinese community, but always obedience to PAS’s measures on Islamic theocracy and betrayed their position. Therefore, Chinese community can’t entrust their future to Pakatan anymore – no matter how many times they are defeated, MCA will never give up giving their effort to fight for the people and country.

蔡细历指来届大选是场马华生死战 李万行:全党员须采取有效应对方式













Chua Soi Lek: Mendapatkan kuasa pentadbiran di Malaysia dengan menyelesaikan 20% dari ketidakpuasan rakyat

(Kuala Lumpur, 21st March) Timbalan Pegawai Kewangan Jawatankuasa Perhubungan MCA Selangor, Lee Ban Seng bersetuju dengan MCA presiden Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek bahawa Pemilihan Raya Umum yang akan datang merupakan “Perang Keputusan” kepada MCA. Oleh itu, seluruh anggota parti seharusnya membincang secara terperinci untuk mengambil tindakan yang lebih berkesan.

Beliau berkata, kelangsungan hidup MCA berkaitan dekat dengan dasar dan garis panduan antara kerajaan dan pemimpin-pemimpin Barisan. Jika Kerajaan Barisan di bawah pimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ingin memenangi dalam Pilihan Raya Umum yang akan datang, mereka seharusnya meninjau ulang untuk dasar-dasar yang tidak memuaskan rakyat.

“Permintaan masyarakat Cina tidak banyak – hanya meminta perlakuan yang sama di setiap bidang seperti mengambil Sistem Penilaian Prestasi, mengembangkan SRKC secara sistematik, meningkatkan jumlah pengambilan kakitangan awam – sekiranya kerajaan dapat menyelesaikan sekurang-kurangnya 20% dari masalah yang timbul ketidakpuasan rakyat, BN akan memenangi pentadbiran Malaysia. ”

Beliau berkata, para pemimpin Parti Pembangkang harus bekerjasama dengan BN untuk memberikan sumbangan kepada negara kita degan reformasi dari segi ekonomi dan masyarakat.
Ahli politik memainkan peranan yang penting dalam bidang politik – seorang ahli politik yang bertanggung jawab harus berjuang untuk masa depan negara, tetapi bukan untuk keuntungan dan kekuasaan.

Beliau menekankan bahawa Barisan harus mempertahankan kekuasaan, sedangkan MCA juga harus mempertahankan kedudukan masyarakat Cina untuk memastikan bahawa BN dapat terus memimpin Malaysia ke arah negara maju dan stabil.

Beliau mengkritik prestasi Pakatan selama 3 tahun yang lalu telah mengecewakan rakyat, iaitu Pakatan tidak dapat mencapai “sistem berkoalisi dua”. Semua anggota parti Barisan seharusnya bersatu padu memperjuangkan manfaat rakyat untuk mengelakkan masa depan rakyat dimusnahkan di tangan Pakatan.

Beliau menunjukkan bahawa rancangan penstrukturan semula ekonomi amat penting terhadap negara kita. Terutamanya, pengangkutan awam negara kita perlu diperkuatkan. Contohnya, pembangunkan MRT merupakan salah satu resolusi yang berkesan. Oleh itu, terdapatnya rancangan politik di belakang pemimpin-pemimpin Pakatan yang menyerangkan rancangan ini.

“Pakatan selalu menyerang rancangan kerajaan seperti pengangkutan awam, perumahan dan bekalan air, tetapi tidak pernah membuat cadangan yang berkhusus dan konstruktif. Mereka sering menentang ke atas semua rancangan tanpa sebarang alasan dan hanya berbicara tapi tidak berbuat apa yang dibicarakan. ”

DAP dan PKR mengaku bahawa mereka telah mendapatkan sokongan dari masyarakat Cina, tetapi selalu mengkhianati kedudukan mereka dan memenuhi kehendakan PAS untuk melaksanakan Teokrasi Islam, masyarakat Cina tidak boleh menyerahkan masa depan mereka kepada Pakatan lagi. Oleh itu, tidak kira menghadapi apa-apa masalah, MCA akan terus memberikan usaha mereka untuk memperjuangkan manfaat rakyat serta negara.

Wong Koon Mun : “Zero corruption” has been collapsed by itself -More frauds in Selangor becoming exposed

(Kuala Lumpur, 21st March) MCA Selangor State Liaison Secretary Y.B. Tuan Wong Koon Mun said, the management of Selangor Foundation lined their pockets from the welfare of poor people – once again proved the self-description of Pakatan that zero corruption, non-wasting and transparent political are the enormous lies.

He condemned on the action of Selangor Pakatan – they shifting off the responsibility to the Foundation’s deputy manager that abuse public funds to hold the 40th Annual Celebration Luncheon, declaring the manager disable to manage financial and resulted in the Luncheon cost up to nearly 1 million ringgit, also caused Selangor Foundation faced to a deficit up to 7.41 million ringgit in last year.

He shells that Khalid Ibrahim is the state minister who most inclined to shirk off responsibility and poor in leadership over the history – Khalid must take the greatest responsibility and resigned to apology on the frequently fraud, corruption, abuse of power in Selangor.

The outstanding issue of illegal sand mining in Selangor is also the scandal which Selangor Pakatan always trying to cover up. But, it is regrettable that the Selangor Pakatan leaders such as Tony Pua Kiam Wee always effrontery to describe the Pakatan Government are more capable, credible, transparent and integrity than BN Government.

He said, Selangor Speaker cum DAP Vice Chairman Dato’ Teng Chang Khim recently claimed that the various people-beneficial policies of Pakatan has been implemented without increase tax and annual expenses, it has proved the financial management capability of Pakatan which no corruption and not led to the loss of public funds.

“All the leaders who claim that Pakatan ruling state is no corruption should resign from their post for the lie – there are frequently fraud issues among past 3 years in Pakatan ruling, leading to the disappointed of people.”

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah cancelled his appearance after finding out the luncheon would cost more than 300 thousand ringgit – if not, the malpractice will not be surfaced, and the hidden fraud in Sleangor Government will soon be exposed one by one.

雪基金庆典花掉百万 雪民联达致零贪污是天大谎言








Wong Koon Mun: “Zero rasuah” terbongkar sendirinya – Lebih banyak penipuan di Selangor akan ditelanjangi

(Kuala Lumpur, 21 March) Setiausaha Jawatankuasa Penghubung MCA Selangor, Y.B. Tuan Wong Koon Mun berkata bahawa kewujudan gejala-gejala mengantongi diri di antara pengurusan Yayasan Selangor yang didirikan untuk membatu golongan miskin, sekali lagi membuktikan bohong besar Pakatan yang menerangkan diri sebagai parti yang tiada rasuah, tiada bazir dan transparan dasar.

Beliau mengutuk kepada Selangor Pakatan yang lari dari tanggungjawab penyalahgunaan dana awam untuk mengadakan Majlis Ulangtahun Ke-40 Yayasan Selangor, seterusnya melalaikan tanggungjawab kepada naib pengurus Yayasan berkenaan. Mereka meyatakan bahawa naib pengurus itu tidak berupaya dalam pengurusan kewangan dan mengakibatkan perbelanjaan majlis itu sebanyak RM1,000,000, juga menyebabkan Yayasan Selangor menghadapi defisit sebanyak RM7,410,000 pada tahun lepas.

Beliau membombardir bahawa Khalid Ibrahim adalah Menteri Besar yang paling suka melalaikan tanggungjawab dan kurang daya kepimpinan dalam sejarah – Khalid Ibrahim seharusnya mengambil tanggung jawab terbesar dan mengundurkan diri untuk meminta maaf atas rasuah, penipuan, penyalahgunaan kuasa yang sering bermuncul di Selangor.

Perlombongan pasir haram di Selangor juga merupakan salah satu skandal yang selalu ingin ditutupi oleh Selangor Pakatan. Tetapi, hal ini disesalkan bahawa pemimpin Selangor Pakatan seperti Tony Pua Kiam Wee selalu menggambarkan Kerajaan Pakatan sebagai kerajaan yang lebih bermampu, kredibiliti, transparan dan integriti daripada BN dengan tiada rasa malu.

Pembicara Selangor cum Naib Pengerusi DAP Selangor Datuk Teng Chang Khim baru-baru ini mengatakan bahawa Pakatan melaksanakan dasar tanpa meningkat cukai dan perbelanjaan tahunan, ini telah membuktikan kemampuan Pakatan atas pengurusan kewangan aiatu tidak berasuah dan tidak mengakibatkan kerugian dana awam.

“Pemimpin- pemimpin yang mengatakan bahawa Pakatan tiada berasuah dalam negeri berkuasa seharusnya bertanggungjawab terhadap pembohongan itu dan mengundurkan diri dari jawatannya. Dalam tempoh masa pemerintahan Pakatan selama 3 tahun, sering berwujud masalah rasuah dan amat mengecewakan rakyat.”

Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah membatalkan kehadiran ke Majlis Ulangtahun Ke-40 Yayasan Selangor setelah mengetahui kos untuk menganjurkan majlis ini melebihi RM300,000 – jika tidak, masalah penipuan Yayasan Selangor tidak akan bermuncul di hadapan, ini menyebabkan semuanya penipuan tersembunyi di antara Kerajaan Pakatan Selangor akan terbongkar secara bertahap.

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