Tee Hooi Ling:Beliawanis MCA flails cowardly act of sending lewd images

(27th March 2012, Kuala Lumpur) The perpetrators who sent a lewd video and picture messages to the handphone of Serdang Member of Parliament YB Teoh Nie Ching must be condemned in no uncertain terms. The act of sending the lewd images and messages, yet masking one’s identity is pure cowardice.

Beliawanis MCA emphasizes that irrespective of political affiliation, no woman or man for that matter, may be nor should be subjected to sexual innuendoes or harassment from anyone. Thus, our wing calls upon the Royal Malaysian Police as well as the Malaysian and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to conduct a thorough investigation and trace the culprit.

Supporters of and opponents to any political party have a right to follow any ideology. But they must never resort to asserting sexual harassment or criminal intimidation on detractors.

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