Yap Ee Wah: As Speaker, Teng Chang Khim shouldn’t be partial by giving orders to Pakatan state reps on topics to raise

(30th March 2012, Sungai Pelek) In giving a directive via SMS to Pakatan Rakyat state Assemblymen as to what points to raise up, Selangor state assembly Speaker Dato’ Teng Chang Khim is being biased. Such action must be soundly criticized.

Pakatan Rakyat always claimed that they are a coalition which practices democracy and justice. But they suppress their opponents. They have never given any opportunity for BarisanNasional representatives to voice their protests. Dato’ Tenghas tarnished the good image of DAP by deifying themselves as a fair and democratic party.

As an arrogant person, Dato’ Teng has always manipulated the State Assembly without being fair as a Speaker, thereby losing his self-respect and dignity.

I would like to reiterate that as a Speaker, Dato’ Tengcannot simply send out SMS to Exco members unless it was the directive issued by the MenteriBesar urging them to take part on debating the achievements attained by Pakatan.

It is lamentable that the Pakatan Speaker has obviously abused his power by restricting the functioning of the State Assembly. Neither is he being fair and just.

What assurances have we that Dato’ Teng will conduct the State Assembly fairly?

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