“Unscrupulous act of sending ‘hell notes’ condemned” Chew Lee Giok: It’s intimidation & threat

(20th April 2012, Kuala Lumpur) The unscrupulous actions of certain quarters who have threatened MCA Vice-President Dato’ Sri Dr Ng Yen Yen by sending a ‘hell note’ to her office must be severely condemned as they have started a bad precedence for the community through their irresponsible actions.

If there are people who are unhappy with certain things, they must voice out through proper channels instead of viciously sending Hell’s Banknotes as a form of threats to express their anger. This will not help to solve any problems. They must instead be bold enough to forward their problems in person and not try to hide away acting mischievously.

Although it is not clear why the threat was made and it is unsure if the perpetrator was being manipulated, intimidation is still illegal, and as such, I call on these people to put an end to such offensive actions.

Sending ‘hell notes’ could be deemed as a psychological harassment and violence of the lowest degree which is intolerable. Such threat is an act of violence which may cause mental distress to the receiver, and will leave a black mark on our country’s political culture. I condemn the promotion of the culture of violence, and reject any means of violence be it mental, threats, or any other behaviour deemed abusive.

It is regretful that such an incident has occurred. I am of the opinion that this culture of violence and hatred which has pervaded the country is due to Pakatan Rakyat’s political incitements, so much so that people feel that abuse and violence are now permitted. The false rhetoric for justice by them has poisoned the people’s mind and the political practices of the country.

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