To support the leadership of President Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai and Datuk Seri Dr. Wee ka Siong, and to promote the reformation and transformation program of “Reform and Transform for new road” in the six areas of politics, economy, culture, education, youth and women. To fully support the implementation of the next party election to expand the representation system, the establishment of a more democratic party election mechanism.

To fully support the leadership of President Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai and Datuk Seri Dr. Wee Kah Siong, and to fully cooperate with the electoral campaign strategy formulated by the party Central Committee, and to actively prepare for the 14th General Election.


To call upon the people to be united in defending the country’s pluralistic moderate secular system, to safeguard the spirit of the Constitution, and to resolutely oppose PAS’ intentions to implement Hudud Law Private Bills. While requesting related government body, take severe of action against those deliberately provoked sensitive of race and religious issues of people according to existing of legal provisions; and support Government to amend the Marriage Reform Law, to clarify the civil and Islamic courts’ jurisdiction and to resolve once and for all the legal problems arising from the unilateral conversion of spouses to their spouses.

To strongly condemn DAP for its lack of political stance in the alliance between Pakatan Harapan and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) because it has repeatedly attacked Umno as a single race political party which fights for its own political interests. However, they are now working with former UMNO heavyweight leaders in a new political party that only accepts Bumiputra members. Nevertheless, the relationship between DAP and PAS are still lingering, and it has fully demonstrated that DAP holds double standards in political parties.

To call upon the people to continue giving their full support to the “1 Malaysia” concept promoted by our Prime Minister to implement the concept of fair governance, and to request the central, state and local government to treat all races fairly in the formulation and implementation of government policies

To strongly condemn the Selangor government for repeatedly intervening into the freedom of other races since its takeover by Pakatan Rakyat / Pakatan Harapan. In the recent years, it has been getting worse such as the ban on liquor licenses and not allowing Oktoberfest to be held in the open, and even frequently blocking or forcibily cancelling large entertainments events, which violates the basics of multi-culturalism and harmonious coexistence .

To strongly opposed the proposals made by the Election Committee to re-delineation of electoral constituencies that avoiding the tendency of the electorate structure towards a single ethnic group, which would further undermine the country’s harmonious atmosphere.

To call upon the Chinese youths to actively participate in public affairs, government administrative affairs so as to improve the structure of the civil service and the efficiency of government agencies.

To praise the excellent performance of our national athletes in the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, and to call on the Ministry of Youth and Sports to develop comprehensive plans to continue promoting and developing sports, and training more outstanding athletes, so that our international sports may continue to shine .


To fully support MCA in assisting China to promote the “One Belf One Road” economic and trade cooperation across 65 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, so as to enable our businessmen to benefit from this program, and to have a far-reaching impact on China’s economy.

To urge the federal government to make good use of the goods and services tax to benefit the people and to develop the national economic system to reduce wastage of public funds and flaws, thereby improving the government’s financial management.

To urge the government to raise the price of rice and allowances to alleviate the burden on farmers. The government is also urged to sympathize with the plight of fishermen and to assist them in recruiting and updating licenses for fishing vessels. As a matter of urgency, the Government is urged to subsidise the installation of fishing vessel traps and re-planning C-type fishing vessels. This will help sea fishermen to avoid being arrested and seized by the Indonesian Navy for being too close to the Indonesian maritime zone, and other unfortunate events.


To called upon the Government and Dong Zong to negotiate and reach an agreement as soon as possible in allowing the government to fully recognize the UEC and incorporating it into the mainstream education system.

To support the multi-cultural education policy and maintain the sustainable development of Chinese education, and to urge the Ministry of Education to treat all schools, including all unsubsidised and partially subsidised schools, and to institutionalize funding to support the development of primary schools .


Condemning the Selangor Government for not giving top priority in solving the flood issues in flood prone areas like Kajang, Klang, Serdang, Rawang, Sungai Long and Puchong.

To severely condemned the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government for failing to resolve the water crisis even after 8 years in power, which has seriously affected the people’s daily life, as well as industrial activities due to the worsening water shortages and repeated interruption of water supply, which had caused many industrial factories to relocate to other states, thus creating a negative impact on the state’s economic development.

To severely criticized the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government for failing to manage the state’s rubbish collection, resulting in many illegal dumps everywhere, especially in Klang and Kajang. This has caused the drainage system to be clogged, resulting in floods. Instead of resolving it, the Selangor government had blamed the newly appointed rubbish collecting compant.

4)短短几年内,骨痛热症已在雪州夺走逾百条人命,很大程度是因为雪州与地方政府漠视民生管理,疏忽管治环境卫生所致。目前基于雪州人民要面对骨痛热症与寨卡病毒兹卡 (ZIKA) 病毒来袭的风险,因此促请雪州政府必须更严正地看待扑灭黑斑蚊的工作,务必严密监督前线工作的执行成效,以免发生有关疫情失控,危害雪州人民的健康。
To condemn the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government for allowing the dengue problem to escalate, causing hundreds to fall sick due to Selangor’s negligence in the management of environmental health . At present, the people of Selangor also face the risk of being infected by the Zika virus, therefore the Selangor government is urged to treat the problem seriously and to supervise preventative measures so as to avoid an outbreak which will endanger the health of the people in Selangor.

To urge the federal government to formulate more housing policies and to continue promoting affordable housing for the low-income groups to ensure that the Home Ownership Scheme is fully implemented, and to condemne the Selangor government’s poor housing policies which only focused on luxury houseswhile completely ignoring the interests of the people, especially youths who have just entered the workforce.


Although the Police and Ministry of Home Affairs have successfully defeated the IS terrorists activities in the country; however, we urge that all the government agencies work closely to prevent these terrorist activities from recurrence.

To urge the Ministry of Home Affairs to step up its efforts in crime prevention, strengthening law enforcement, and fully implementing effective crime-reduction measures and improving public order, and interacting with the public by holding more dialogues so as to rebuild confidence in the police.





































Utamakan Rakyat, Hentikan sandiwara politik!

Kenyataan akhbar Jawatankuasa Pehubungan MCA Selangor

Utamakan Rakyat, Hentikan sandiwara politik!

MCA Selangor mengecam sekeras-kerasnya tindakan Menteri Besar Selangor Azmin Ali yang membelakangkan kepentingan rakyat dalam cubaannya mempergunakan masalah bekalan air sebagai senjata untuk menyerang seterunya bagi menutup kelemahan pentadbiran dirinya. Tindakan sedemikian adalah keji dan tidak bermaruah. Azmin perlu memohon maaf kepada seluruh rakyat Selangor sekali gus melepaskan jawatannya sebagai Menteri Besar.

MCA Selangor mengadakan sidang akhbar berhubung dakwaan bahawa pencemaran air adalah berpunca dari perbuatan UMNO, hari ini dan membidas sekeras-kerasnya tindakan Azmin yang tidak mengendahkan masalah keselamatan serta bekalan air yang sedang berlaku sebaliknya mempergunakan penderitaan rakyat untuk menyerang musuh politik, dan untuk sandiwara politiknya.

Pelbagai kawasan di Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur sudah berulang kali menghadapi masalah keputusan bekalan air dan rakyat mengalami kesengsaraan rohaniah dan jasmaniah. Mereka juga bimbangkan keselamatan air minuman selain terpaksa derdepan pelbagai kesukaran dalam kehidupan harian lantaran ketiadaan bekalan air. Sepatutnya kerajaan Selangor menunjukkan keikhlasan untuk mengutamakan kebajikan rakyat, dan bukannya mengambil kesempatan untuk bermain politik dengan mengalihkan kebencian rakyat akibat kelemahan pentadbiran dirinya kepada seterunya.

“Tindakan Azmin adalah kotor dan penuh tipu helah. Beliau mendakwa mempunyai bukti bahawa ia dilakukan oleh orang UMNO tetapi tidak mengemukakan bukti tersebut seberapa segera kepada pihak polis agar siasatan dapat dibuat dan pelakunya diberkas. Sebaliknya, beliau bersikap lepas tangan dan lari daripada tanggungjawab dalam cubaannya untuk mencipta pendapat umum yang salah; manakala punca sebenar pencemaran bekalan air langsung tidak diendahkannya.”

“Kami ingin memberitahu Azmin bahawa acapkali hanya bunyi angin sahaja yang kedengaran tanpa setitik air pun tatkala pili dipusing dan sekali pun ada air, kami tetap berasa sangsi samada ia telah tercemar. Inilah gambaran hidup yang sebenar. Kami mahukan bekalan air yang cukup serta selamat, bukannya sandiwara politik!”

“Dalam keadaan runcing sekarang, kerajaan Selangor sekurang-kurangnya mestilah menunjukkan keprihatinan seperti membuat agihan air secara berjadual di kawasan-kawasan terlibat. Tetapi malangnya kelibat kenderaan yang membawa air tidak kelihatan di kebanyakan tempat. Kami tuntut jawapan dari kerajaan Selangor!”

Put Rakyat first, Stop political gimmick!

Press Statement by MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee

Put Rakyat first, Stop political gimmick!

The MCA Selangor State Liaison Committee strongly condemns Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali for ignoring the people’s interest and trying to politicise the current water crisis by blaming his opponents in order to hide his own incompetence. As such, we strongly urge Azmin to publicly apologise and to resign as the Menteri Besar of Selangor!

Azmin had alleged that the water crisis was caused by sabotage from UMNO. When the problem first arose, Azmin’s first action was not to try and resolve the problem, but instead he played politics and misused the people’s suffering to slander his political opponents.

The people of Selangor have experienced too many water shortages and contaminations this year alone. They are not only worried about the cleanliness of their water supply, but their daily lives have also been disrupted. As such, the Selangor state government should focus its efforts in resolving this problem, and to place the people’s welfare first over their own personal political agenda. They must stop pushing the blame to their opponents to divert attention from their own bad governance.

Azmin is also guilty of treachery. Although he had claimed to have proof of sabotage, yet he decided to create lies by blaming UMNO before he went and lodged a police report. It is clear that Azmin’s first interest was not to find the true culprits, but rather to gain political mileage by blaming UMNO.

Nowadays when the people open their taps there is nothing, and when water does come out of the taps, they are worried about whether it is polluted or not. What the people need now is safe and adequate water, and not more politicking.

In this moment of crisis, the Selangor state government must set an example to alleviate the people’s problems, such as dispatching water tankers to the affected areas. Instead, we have heard complaints from the public that none have arrived. Thus, the state government must be held answerable for this as well!











dsc01558(吉隆坡25日讯) 2016年度马华雪兰莪州常年大会将於2016年10月30日(星期日)下午2时正, 假 马华大厦三春礼堂 举行。届时,我党总会长兼马华雪州联委会主席, 拿督斯里廖中莱部长将发表政策性演词。


马华雪州秘书拿督黄祚信表示, 马华雪州诚邀邱惠成同志担任本届大会的议长。另外, 州大会报到时间将从中午1时正开始。有鉴于此,马华雪州秘书处吁请各位已报名出席州大会的同志们,穿着整齐的党服,准时出席本年度的州大会。 同时,本届的州大会也为出席大会的同志准备午餐及晚餐
















BT 100816(莎阿南19日讯)马华雪州联委会副组织秘书拿督梁国伟炮轰诚信党计划在国会提呈“替代动议”以取代伊斯兰党主席哈迪阿旺的伊斯兰刑事法法案私人动议,其实也只是换汤不换药,把伊刑法法案动议包装到“更迷人、更亲非穆斯林与易于接受”!









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