“Mute from government sent wrong message to racial tension“

Press statement by MCA Youth Selangor Secretary Gan Kang Kai dated 24/11/2018:

Gan Kang Kai“Mute from government sent wrong message to racial tension“

A shopper named as Mohamad Edi Bin Mohamad Riyars (aka Edi Rejang on Facebook) uploaded a video he took in a shopping mall where he accused a lady promoter for conducting beer sampling activities. The Chinese promoter clarified clearly that she approached non-Muslim consumers only.

Also, the managing director of the beer company, Lars Lehmann confirmed that she was just doing her job in line with all rules and regulations.

However, Edi berated the lady with vulgar language & middle finger. He even described the Chinese lady as a woman of pig breed (perempuan keturunan babi in Malay) His action of being a racist and using threatening, abusive or insulting language received backfire on him. Netizens from all races criticized his wrongdoing immediately.

It has been a week since the incident broke out but there’s not even a single comment from Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the Women, Family and Community Development Minister.

“Wan Azizah should be the first minister to act against the barbaric action of Edi but she did nothing by remaining silent so far, just like nothing happened,” said Gan Kang Kai, the MCA Youth Selangor Secretary.

In Gan’s opinion, Wan Azizah ought to act immediately to defend the lady who was harassed by the shopper openly because she is the minister holding the portfolio of safeguarding women’s right.

“I am really disappointed with Wan Azizah who kept silent. This is something like sending a wrong message to the society indirectly where there’s no problem of insulting, berating, harassing & discriminating ladies in Malaysia”, said Gan.

Gan emphasized that Wan Azizah is also the Deputy Prime Minister who has responsibility to curb racial tension swiftly. She has all sorts of power required to call for a full stop to the trouble maker Edi but she failed to do so.

On the other hand, Gan gave a big applause to the lady promoter who remained calm while facing harassment from shopper. Anyway, he reminded that not all Malaysians will remain calm while being treated unfairly.

“A little spark may burst a mighty flame. That’s why it is crucial for the government to take immediate action to eliminate any spark that carries the potential of triggering racial tension”, Gan emphasized.

Gan hoped that the government, especially those ministers holding portfolio related to national unity to learn from this incident and act more sensible to maintain the harmony relationship among Malaysians.


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在马华与举国人民一面倒力数肇事者的不是之后,身为执政党的火箭知道,继续憋下去已不是办法,才勉为其难的由甲洞国会议员林立迎站出来应付。 不过,大家可别高兴得太早,因为林立迎的出现并不是为受害女生说句公道话,而是毛遂自荐当和事佬,想安排受害女生与该行为狂妄的种族主义份子握手言好。林立迎还透露,火箭会特地安排律师协助该男子。



把焦点转向教育部副部长张念群,当大家以为与受害者同样是女性的她,应该会对此事说一些像样的话时,她却提醒大家不要将肇事者的子女拖下水,因为小朋友是无辜的。 张念群的言论实在令人大跌眼镜,因为她不敢声讨肇事者,还无中生有的吩咐大家别欺负肇事者的孩子。